Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Video: The Roots - How I Got Over

This is the new video/single off of the album of the same name, which is scheduled to drop later this year. Directed by BBGun.

Video: My Favorite Verse feat. 88-Keys

Video: Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Parallel Uni-verses Promo

Parallel Uni-verses drops October 13th. Also, in case you missed it, Del dropped an unreleased album the other day, Automatik Statik.

Video: UOI Radio Interview w/ Brother Ali

Brother Ali discusses the theme of his album, the artwork and the Rhymesayers label. Us is out now, it's incredible and if you don't have it...boooo!!!

Video: Diamond District Mini-Documentary

Here's a mini-doc on Diamond District and where they're from. This is setting up the official release (it was available for free download earlier in the year) of their debut album In The Ruff, dropping October 27th on Mello Music Group. It's definitely one of the albums of the year!

Video: Royce Da 5'9 - Street Hop Pt. 1

John Public caught up with Royce to discuss the possibility of Slaughterhouse signing to Shady. It's all speculation at this point.

Video: Royce Da 5'9 - October 20th

Street Hop, executive produced by DJ Premier, drops October 20th.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video: De La Soul - 20 Years High and Rising Tour In Paris

This is the full version of the De La concert in Paris. If you have an hour or so, sit back, relax and enjoy. Props to Grand Crew.


20 Years High and Rising Tour

1. De La Soul's Big Up00:00:29
2. Intro00:03:00
3. This is Radio Clash (The Clash cover)00:01:42
4. Eye Know00:02:54
5. A roller skating jam named "saturdays"00:02:36
6. Much More00:02:29
7. Stakes is High00:02:47
8. Pass the P's00:03:56
9. Jenifa Taught Me (derwin's revenge)00:04:10
10. The Grind Date00:03:20
11. Oooh00:03:34
12. The Bizness00:03:09
13. I am I be00:03:46
14. All Good00:02:08
15. Breakadawn00:02:54
16. Me, Myself and I00:03:35
17. Feel Good Inc. (Gorillaz cover)00:01:55
18. Rock Box (Run DMC cover)00:03:17
19. Ring Ring (ha ha hey)00:09:20
20. The Magic Number00:03:32

Video: Johnny Quest Interview w/ Evidence

The Fresh Air Tour is happening right now so don't sleep.

Video: Skyzoo - Saving Our Grace (Ep. 6) - The Innocence

The Salvation dropped today and it's fire!

Video: XV - Fall Out The Sky

This is off XV's mixtape Everybody's Nobody.

Video: Mos Def x DOOM

This is just Mos spitting some lyrics with DOOM but imagine the kind of music that would come from this collabo. Crazy!!!

Video: Royce Da 5'9 Confirms Slaughterhouse Deal Talks With Shady

This would be insane but I hope if this does happen, Slaughterhouse doesn't fall victim to the Dr. Dre black hole.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Video: U-N-I feat. Fashawn - Pulp Fiction Pt. 1 Trailer

This is going to be a pretty crazy video. A Love Supreme is out now.

Video: Grandmaster Roc Raida Time Lapse Tribute

This is oh so fresh! Rest in Peace.

Video: A Nightmare On Elm Street Trailer

Just like Friday The 13th, A Nightmare On Elm Street is getting a new look. Not something I would see in the theater but I would definitely check this out at home.

Bulletin: Del The Funky Homosapien Website & Album Announcement

Along with the launch of his new website, Del is offering an unreleased album, Automatik Statik, for a minimum of $3. Now that's a bargain. Head on over to his site and check it out.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Video: Brother Ali x Toki Wright x Evidence x BK One - The Freshest Kids

Yessir!! Man, these dudes go in. Can't wait for the New York leg of The Fresh Air Tour. Wouldn't it be great if they recorded an album while on tour? That would be incredible! You can download the track below.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Video: The Yes Men - Fake New York Post

They were actually in my neighborhood and offered me one but I didn't take it because I don't read the Post, only to find out later that it was The Yes Men handing out fake newspapers. If you're not aware of The Yes Men, they perform these high level stunts against big corporations. They have a documentary called The Yes Men, which you can find on Netflix or any other outlet you use, and their latest offering, The Yes Men Save The World, is set to premiere on October 7th.

Video: Melanie Fiona - It Kills Me

Here's a little something to slow down your Friday until it's time to rev it up again for the weekend. I dig Melanie Fiona, especially the mixtape she did with ?uestlove. The Bridge is set to drop November 3rd.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Video: Jay-Z on Oprah

You can't knock the hustle.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Video: Luxury Reborn Interviews BLADE, Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant

Belvedere Vodka has a series called Luxury Reborn where they sit down with artists for an inside look at their worlds. In this episode, they talk to some legends: graffiti artist BLADE, filmmaker Henry Chalfant and photographer Martha Cooper about the downtown New York scene, the early days of graffiti and why true luxury is the freedom to express yourself creatively. The 25th anniversary edition of Subway Art is out now.

Video: The Roots - How I Got Over Trailer

Here's a little taste of the video for the new Roots single. The album How I Got Over is set to drop November 17th. Props to OKP.

Video: Mr. Peter Parker Interview w/ Evidence

Ev goes into his boy DJ AM's death, the Fresh Air Tour, Rakaa's solo album and the new Dilated project called Directors Of Photography. Dope!

Video: The Fourth Kind Trailer

This looks crazy! It's based on actual case studies. I think I see an owl out my wind.....

Video: Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem - Forever

Are we back in 1998 with this video? Underwhelming at best. Song > Video. Em > Everybody.

Video: Mr. Peter Parker Interview w/ Brother Ali

Brother Ali's Us came out yesterday and Peter Parker caught up with him to speak on the album. It's an incredible record ya'll!

Video: Davey D Interview w/ Posdnous

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Video: Murs Discusses The Lack Of Female Emcees On Rock The Bells

I see his point. I will say though that there are women out there who are doing those things and earning respect but they don't get the recognition from concert promoters. Anytime there's a show I feel they make it gender specific, ie. The Ladies of Hip Hop. Why?

A dope emcee is a dope emcee. (c) KRS-One

Video: Protect Insurance Companies PSA

Nothing to say here.

Video: Hip Hop Diploma Program in Minnesota

The homie Toki Wright is one of the founders of the first Hip Hop diploma program in the country. The program is being taught at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul. Pretty dope! Dessa from Doomtree is one of the profs hitting the kids up with some knowledge. For more info, check out McNally Smith.

Video: Current Music Presents Embedded

Current TV gives us a sneak peek at a new series that premieres October 14th.

Embedded is a descendant of the best of Current Music’s short- and long-form content, all organized around a simple, essential set of principles: Intimate. Exclusive. Access. We aren’t going into each part of the special with a set idea of what the story is. Instead we start with the artists we most respect and collaborate to create opportunities where we can film them on stage and off, in the moments when most other crews are kicked to the curb or put down their cameras. We spent a week on the ground in Japan with Mos Def, perched on Silversun Pickups‘ shoulder as they played “Swoon” for the first time in front of a live audience, and criss-crossed the country with Common as he worked harder than a campaigning politician to prove to new and old fans just how powerful he thinks music can be.

Video: K'naan & J. Period - The Making Of The Messengers

For those of you following, K'naan and J. Period put out a series of mixtapes dedicated to Fela Kuti, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan. They speak on how the concept developed and why they picked these artists. As a bonus, they've released a deluxe edition of The Messengers, giving you a long-play of all three mixtapes, some bonus cuts and 12" singles. You can download below.

The Messengers (Deluxe Edition)

Here is the rest of the collection in their individual forms for those interested (and I don't see any reason why you wouldn't be, because it's super fire!):

The Messengers (Fela Kuti)
The Messengers (Bob Marley)
The Messengers (Bob Dylan)

Video: Barack Obama On David Letterman

Here are some highlights from Barack's appearance.

Video: VIMBY Interview w/ Colin Munroe

Colin talks about his musical relationship with Dallas Austin. Unsung Hero is out now and it has some hits.

Video: TiRon - Throwing My Money

This is off TiRon's mixtape Ketchup, which is out now.

Video: Skyzoo - Saving Our Grace (Ep. 5) The Need

The Salvation drops September 29th.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Video: K1X x FRANK151 Interviews STAYHIGH149

Clothing company K1X added a FRANK151 & STAYHIGH149 basketball to their line. STAY HIGH is a legend for sure!

Video: In The Studio w/ Self-Scientific

Have you heard Change? How about The Self Science? If you haven't, I suggest you take a little jaunt down history lane and listen to one of the illest duos in Hip Hop. Chace Infinite and DJ Khalil have an EP coming out very soon called Designer Music. Study up!

Video: HHO Artist Of The Week - The Knux

HHO caught up with The Knux to talk about the biggest misconception people have about them and their upcoming album Pop Killer.

Video: D2S Interview w/ Fashawn

Boy Meets World drops October 20th. This dude is the truth!

Video: Affion Corckett - Run This Town Spoof

Affion is a fool! Ha!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video: Fresh Daily - Apollo 13

This is a new video off Fresh Daily's Tomorrow Is Today mixtape.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Video Bulletin: Grandmaster Roc Raida Rest In Peace

One of the greatest to ever do it has passed away today. It was reported a few weeks back that he was in the hospital for injuries sustained in a martial arts accident. He was an incredible originator of the art of dj'ing and he will be incredibly missed! Take a look at footage from the 1995 DMC Championships and see why he was considered one of the best. Rest In Peace Raida! XMEN!

Video: Jennifer Aniston On Chelsea Lately

Its no secret that I'm a huge fan of Chelsea Handler. To me, she's a female Howard Stern, truthful and no holds barred. So when a person who has public recognition, like a Jennifer Aniston, comes on to their shows, you anticipate how that person will handle it. Jennifer was a good sport!

Video: Jay-Z - Empire State Of Mind (Live On Jonathan Ross)

Props to Yardie.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Video: Dame Dash Presents The Blakroc Project

This is a new venture for Dame and it sounds really good. Lots of folks from Mos Def to Jim Jones rocking out with The Black Keys.

Video: Fashawn - Life As A Shorty

I love this song and this is a dope video. Fashawn is definitely the truth. Boy Meets World drops October 20th.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Video: Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One - Flashback

This is the first video off Del and Tame's collabo project Parallel Uni-Verses, which drops October 13th.

Video: Henok Achido - High On Life (When The Drugs Don't Work)

This is really dope!! Henok Achido's Almaz Charming Child is out now. Props to IllRoots.

Video: Capitalism: A Love Story Trailer

Michael Moore is back to uncover the corruption in capitalism. Nice!! In theaters October 2nd.

Video: Q-Tip - Barely In Love (Live On Jimmy Fallon)

Take a swig! Kamaal The Abstract is out now.

Video: Paranormal Activity Trailer

Is this going to be one of those flicks that give you everything in the trailer and when you go see it, it actually sucks? Hmmmm....

Video: Angie Martinez Interview w/ Jay-Z

Jay's a funny dude! He did kill it on Letterman the other night. Blueprint 3 is out now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Video: Evidence, Fashawn & Rakaa - HNIC Freestyle

They killed this! Look out for Fashawn's Boy Meets World, dropping in October.

Video: Brick City Docu-Series Trailer

This is the trailer for the new Sundance docu-series Brick City, which chronicles the hard times of Newark and its fight to come back. It premieres September 21st at 10pm.

Video: DJ Green Lantern & Emilio Rojas Ondaspot Freestyle

DJ Green Lantern puts Emilio Rojas Ondaspot. Listen to Emilio spit something off his upcoming mixtape The Natural.

Video: Brother Ali Ipod Touch Giveaway

Us drops September 22nd. Trust me, get it!!

Bulletin: FRESHER! 2009

Women’s modern street art collective Younity is back with its third annual FRESHER! eco-art exhibition. FRESHER! 2009 kicks off with an opening reception on October 3rd, 2009 at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center in Lower Manhattan. Forty women artists will contribute pieces to the exhibition which seeks to create discussion about issues like consumerism, environmentalism, health, and renewable energy. It’s a massive effort by the female artist community with artists such as Erin Yoshi, Naomi Martinez, China Morbosa, and Younity co-founder Toofly contributing pieces. FRESHER! 2009 will run until October 24th, 2009.

Video: R.A. The Rugged Man Speaks On The Industry

R.A. talks about the industry vs. the culture. Legendary Classics Vol. 1 drops October 27th.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Video: The Making Of The Blueprint 3 Album Cover

This is cool! I can dig it!

Video: Stephen Colbert Goes In On Kanye West

Even though Kanye personally apologized to Taylor Swift on the phone today, this is worth the post. Funny!!

Video: Swollen Members - Warrior

Battle Axe was the ish back in the day. Here's an official video from their upcoming album Armed To The Teeth, dropping October 13th.

Video: Skyzoo - Saving Our Grace (Ep. 4) The Strength

The Salvation drops September 29th.

Audio: A&E (Masta Ace x EdOG) feat. Marsha Ambrosius - A's & E's

Here's the second leak off A&E's Arts & Entertainment, dropping October 6th.


Download: J. Period & K'Naan - The Messengers Ep. 3 (Bob Dylan)

Here's the final installment of The Messengers series. The final one is dedicated to Bob Dylan. This whole time I thought it was John Lennon...oh well. Update: Listened to this on the way in to the city and man, this is good. Great series!

Video: Rass Kass - The Reconciliation

This is the first video off of Rass Kass Quarterly.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Video: Jay-Z feat. Kanye West & Rihanna - Run This Town (Live On Leno)

After Kanye's apology, he ripped it with Jay and Ri. Props to Yardie.

Video: Kanye West Apologizes On Leno

Awwwkward!! It looks like he genuinely feels bad about it though.

Bulletin: Tim Cooper 3-D Design

This dude Tim Cooper is pretty incredible at 3-D. All of the images are computer generated. They look like photographs! Crazy! Props to Format.

Bulletin: Second Kanye Apology For VMAs

Kanye posted another apology on his site.

Video: More Than A Game Trailer

Here's the trailer to the much anticipated LeBron James documentary More Than A Game. Hits theaters October 2nd.

Video: Havoc - A Letter To P

That's wassup! When P get out I have a feeling we'll be hearing the grimy Mobb Deep on their next album. Havoc's project From Now On is out now.

Bulletin: Free Library of Philadelphia Branches Closing!

No libraries??? WTF??? People, we need to stand up for this. Please read below and do something. Props to Donwill for the info.

All Free Library of Philadelphia Branch, Regional and Central Libraries Closed Effective Close of Business October 2, 2009

All Free Library of Philadelphia Customers,

We deeply regret to inform you that without the necessary budgetary legislation by the State Legislature in Harrisburg, the City of Philadelphia will not have the funds to operate our neighborhood branch libraries, regional libraries, or the Parkway Central Library after October 2, 2009.

Specifically, the following will take effect after the close of business, October 2, 2009:

All branch and regional library programs, including programs for children and teens, after school programs, computer classes, and programs for adults, will be cancelled
All Parkway Central Library programs, including children programs, programs to support small businesses and job seekers, computer classes and after school programs, will be cancelled. We are exploring the possibility of relocating the Philadelphia Author Series programs to other non-library facilities.
All library visits to schools, day care centers, senior centers and other community centers will cease.
All community meetings at our branch and regional libraries, and the Parkway Central Library, will be cancelled.
All GED, ABE and ESL programs held at Free Library branches will be discontinued, students should contact their teacher to see if other arrangements are being made.
In addition, all library materials will be due on October 1, 2009. This will result in a diminishing borrowing period for books and other library materials, beginning September 11, 2009. No library materials will be able to be borrowed after September 30, 2009.

Even as we remain hopeful that the State Legislature will act and pass the enabling funding legislation, we wanted to notify all of our customers of this very possible outcome. If you have any questions about impacts to Free Library services, call 215-686-5322, or visit the Free Library of Philadelphia website at If you have questions about changes to City services, or if you want to be kept informed about this situation, we encourage you to contact Philly 311 by calling 3-1-1 between the hours of 8am and 8 pm Monday-Friday, and 9am-5pm Saturdays, e-mail, or visit the City of Philadelphia website at

We thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support of the Free Library of Philadelphia during these difficult times.

Siobhan Reardon, President and Director, Free Library of Philadelphia

Video: Pac Div - Pac Div

This banger is off Pac Div's mixtape Church League Champions.

Video: Karmaloop's Their Words w/ 88-Keys

88 talks about the development of his friendship with Kanye.

Video: Culture VI Interview w/ PackFM

Culture VI sits down with PackFM to discuss graffiti, how he got his name, what FM stands for and much more. Look out for his new album I F*cking Hate Rappers.

Video: Michael Jackson's This Is It Trailer

This is an obvious ploy to cash in on his death. I'm sure people want to get a glimpse of what he was preparing for the world but I'd rather see the finished product (which we'll never get to see) than some thrown together footage. I just hope all of the proceeds for this go to his kids.

Video: Mick Boogie x Peter, Bjorn & John feat. Big Pooh, Chaundon & Phil Nash - Stay This Way (Remix)

I'm really feeling this Mick Boogie tape. This is the video for one of my favorite joints. We need to grab that feeling of being free every day, no matter the circumstance.

Video: 3 The Hard Way feat. Rakaa Iriscience - Truth

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Video: KRS-One Talks About The '93 Mentality

Survival Skills drops September 15th. You won't regret it!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Audio: 6th Sense - In The Garden

The homie 6th Sense put this little ditty together in honor of Jay rocking the Garden tonight. For those who missed that ten second window to get a ticket, you can catch it live and uncut on FuseTV starting at 9pm.

Video: Common & Friends Benefit Concert

For those of you out in LA, you can get your tickets here.

Video: A&E (Masta Ace & Ed OG) - The First 48 Trailer

Masta Ace and Ed OG team up to form A&E. Arts & Entertainment drops October 6th.

Video: Up In The Air Trailer

From the director of Juno and Thank You For Smoking.

Video: Black Dynamite Trailer

Bringing back the blaxploitation films I see. It'll be a trip.

Video: Whip It Trailer

This is Drew Barrymore's directorial debut. I'll definitely check this. Also, check out Hell On Wheels, a documentary about the roller derby phenomenon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video: What Does A KRS-One & Buckshot Album Mean To You?

It means some hard-rocking emceeing and quality music! Survival Skills drops September 15th. Support!

Video: Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill

This is off Thom Yorke's brilliant album The Eraser. I know it's old but still worth looking at and listening to.

Download: Fashawn - The Antidote

Here's a little treat Fashawn and Alchemist put together. Fashawn reminds me of a young Nas, for real. Real dope!


Video: U-N-I - Hollywood Hiatus Live

I'm dying to see these guys live. A Love Supreme is out now.

Video: Jay-Z On David Letterman

What are they talking about?? I have to say Jay and B are really committed to not talking about their marriage. Funny though!! Blueprint 3 out now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video: The Kid Daytona feat. Bun B - Air Born

Three/21 just released the brand new video from The Kid Daytona. Directed by Derek Pike. I love the look of this video. Mean dunk at the end too. Really fly! Come Fly With Me is out now.

Bulletin: No Homer - Hip Hop Icons Simpsonized

Your favorites have been Simpson-ized! Ha!

Designed by Moxy Creative the posse shot is available as a 11.75 x 15.75 limited edition (100) print for $45 USD including tax and shipping. Special orders for individual artist shots are available at $55 USD by e-mail (

Video: Eternia & Moss - "R.I.P. To Female Emcees"?! (Road To Release Ep. 11)

Well, if you checked out the last post by Eternia things weren't looking up. Thankfully, it looks like Eternia & Moss are back on track and focused on a 2010 release of their album At Last. Nice! In this clip, E builds with MC Lyte and Jean Grae about being a female in the industry and lots of performance goodies from the Sputnik show. Simply put, if there was a Hip Hop draft, I'd take Jean, Lyte and E on any given day.

Video: Leroy Smith - My Gift To The Game

For those not in the know, Leroy Smith is the main reason for Michael Jordan's success, sort of. And until further notice, Charlie Murphy > Eddie Murphy.

Video: Jay ARE (John Robinson x J. Rawls) feat. Invizible Handz - Know You

I have a bootleg version of this but I'm definitely copping when it drops. The 1960's Jazz Revolution Again drops September 15th. Props to OKP.

Video: Michael Steele Makes Me Yell At My TV

Jay Smooth goes in on Michael Steele and points out the obvious hypocritical stance.

Video: The Real - MSGs To MSGents: From Marcy to Madison Square

"Mase when he found out that God doesn't pay as well as Puffy does."

Video: HHO Artist Of The Week - KRS-One & Buckshot

Survival Skills comes out September 15th.

Video: Critical Pieces The Brown Bag All Stars

Nice little promo right here. Critical gets down with the spraycan and creates a detailed piece for the Brown Bag All Stars. The Brown Tape is out now.

Video: Q-Tip - The Making of Kamaal The Abstract

Tip talks about the inspiration behind his unreleased album Kamaal The Abstract and the label politics. It's a shame no one knew what to do with this album back in 2001 because it's definitely great. Whether you have it or not, you should cop it come September 15th.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Video: Raekwon - Walk With Me

OB4CL2 is out today!

Video: Inside The Mind of Shawn Chrystopher Pt. 1

Eazeest caught up with Shawn on tour. If you're looking for something unique then check out A City With No Seasons, which is out now.

Bulletin: Andreas Hale Affirms Our Worst Fears About BET

No surprises but still a good read.

From Andreas Hale:

To friends, colleagues and those that should know,

As of today (September 8, 2009) I am no longer the Executive Editor of Music at

Upon entering the position at BET I said that I needed one year to see what really went on inside the belly of the beast. I needed 365 days to sleep with the enemy and infiltrate the system. One year to see if they REALLY wanted change at BET.

As someone who has been critical of BET for many years, it surprised many that I would leave my post at HipHopDX last year to take a position at BET. But it was an opportunity I absolutely had to take. I could no longer be critical of this company without accepting the opportunity to change it when given. Although I was hired to bring about change, I was systematically shut down. I wasn’t hired to make noise, I was hired to be silenced.

The truth of the matter is that everything that you thought was wrong with BET is true.

Over the past year I’ve seen a lot to reinforce my position that BET is too far gone in the negative to turn into a positive. We have all always thought the worst, but to actually see it in action is another thing in its entirety. The unprofessionalism, the tom foolery, the favors, the misappropriation of resources, the bad ideas that reinforce negative stereotypes, the emasculation of men, the meetings that break down in full fledged cursing battles, the unpaid overtime, the tears from employees scared for their underpaid and overworked positions and ultimately the unwillingness to change are all harsh realities that I’ve witnessed firsthand.

That is not to say that there aren’t some good people who have sat in the offices of BET. Unfortunately, the good people are not in positions of power to instill any change. Instead, they work their fingers to the bone just to keep their jobs in this harsh economic climate. The other good people ran out of the door as soon as an another employment opportunity presented itself. To say BET was a revolving door would be an understatement.

I came in with a plan to provide balance and to deliver good music to the masses and help make BET relevant again – at least in the dot com world. Those attempts were shut down by out of touch executives who run a dot com but could barely turn on a computer. By those who judge their metrics by page views over absolute unique visitors (that‘s ad sales talk). By those who simply don’t understand the internet.

They brought me in because of my track record but never once took a look at my body of work. If they did, they would have known that I was the pen behind editorials such as “BET’s Coon Picnic” or were aware of the many times I have been critical of their award shows and programming. All they knew is that I played a major role in making a once unknown website into a online media outlet that surpassed theirs and they wanted a piece of the action. Too bad they never researched who I really was.

During my tenure I worked long hours and sometimes succeeded at bringing in decent content to try to reflect the change I wanted to achieve. But it wasn’t without opposition. While some interviews and content initiatives were able to make it through, many others were either shut down or met with ridicule. I offered ideas to incorporate the blog world and to spotlight new talent before MTV did. Those ideas were met with comments such as “This isn’t HipHopDX” or “You don’t know what you are talking about.”

BET is not about the quality of your work. Rather, BET is about the relationships you have with powerful people within the company. BET is not about challenging. Instead, BET is about accepting and saying “yes.” If you have known or followed me over the years, you would know that these are things that simply are not in my character and ultimately resulted in my removal.

For the artists and labels that I have worked with for years, I tried. I did whatever I could to achieve that balance many of us wanted to see happen. To the writers who wanted to writer for BET, I made an attempt but was never given a budget to work with.

Upon my arrival, I was told I would be given a staff. Not true. I had a staff of one to carry out daily operations on a website. I fought tooth and nail to accomplish the minimum (an embeddable player and a site people could navigate) and was constantly brushed off. It was a position that was set up for failure. But I endured as long as I could.

Alas, I have been removed from my position after infiltrating the system and the timing was perfect. I wasn’t let go because the site’s numbers were down. Not because I didn’t work hard. Simply because of a personality clash with an individual whose proverbial ass I didn’t kiss enough. Again, not about the work you do but about the relationships you keep and the sides you take.

I’d like to thank BET for covering the cost of my relocation to bring me to the great city of New York/New Jersey. I’d also like to thank them for putting me in close quarters with people who think like me and will hopefully work with in the near future. I’d also like to thank them for providing me enough controversial content that I observed firsthand and will make for many tales to be told.

I said it and I meant in: One year to either make changes or move on. I left HipHopDX on September 16th 2008. Today is September 8, 2009. Eight days short of a year. Most thought I wouldn’t even last that long. But in that year I’ve had my greatest fears about Black Entertainment Television affirmed.

There is so much wrong with BET that I’d rather not break it down in a single email.

It is pretty good fodder for a book don’t you think?

As of today, Andreas Hale is a free agent.