Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bulletin: Ernie Barnes (1938-2009)

Ernie Barnes was a great artist who recently passed. His work is legendary and there was always a sense of going forward or movement in his work. His painting of The Sugar Shack graced the cover of Marvin Gaye's album I Want You, one of my favorite covers and albums of all time. His art also blessed the show Good Times. He truly was dyn-o-mite! Rest In Peace!

Video: Eminem - Behind The Scenes of We Made You Pt. 2

This is Part 2. More awesome!

Video: Eminem - Behind The Scenes of We Made You Pt. 1

Eminem is a funny dude! This is Part 1 of a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "We Made You". It's all filled with awesome! Relapse drops May 19th.

Video: Outasight - Rollin' Wit Me Ep. 10 (Band Edition)

Outasight is back with another episode. You can check him prepping with his band. From Here To Eternity is coming! Also, check out Outasight performing at Santos on May 21st.

Video: Yours Truly Interviews Exile

Yours Truly interviews Exile about his dope project Radio and gives us a taste of some beat-making. Dude was making beats through a car stereo. That's some serious ish. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Video: Murs - Road Is My Religion

Another video from Murs. Dude is seriously on his grind.

Video: Behind The Scenes of Alex Pardee's Chadam

Artist Alex Pardee gives us a sneak peek of his animated series Chadam. It features Katey Sagal (ahem...Peg Bundy), Sid Haig and Carl Weathers. It looks pretty cool. Alex has done art work for Def Jux and laced the cover of Cage's upcoming album.

Video: Will Roush Meets Jazzy Jeff Ep. 3

In the third installment, Will Roush travels back to Philly circa 1987. He meets up with Jazzy Jeff and cuts his own version of "Parents Just Don't Understand". Look out for Will's mixtape Know My Name Vol. 1.

Video: Kid Daytona Trailer for The Daytona 500

A little trailer for Kid Daytona's mixtape The Daytona 500, dropping May 5th. Look out for his full-length Come Fly With Me this summer.

Video: Substantial Interviews Rakim

Substantial and UAUTV sit down with the God Rakim as he talks about his career, Nas and his influences. I wish Stan took the opportunity to ask him about his album and when it's coming. 

Video: Murs - The Science

Another video off of Murs' Murs For President. I'm loving a lot of the videos being produced nowadays. This one is super-fly.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Video: DMC Talks My Adidas

DMC breaks down the origin of the song "My Adidas". Pay attention! 

Video: Ricky Powell Talks About His Career

Legendary photographer Ricky Powell talks candidly about his career and some of his favorite shots. This clip is taken from the documentary Dithers. This clip is wham-bango!

Video: Japanese Beatboxer Diachi

I saw this and had to post it. This 18 year old kid from Japan is an ill beatboxer. Diochi is his name and he needs to be making some beats.

Video: De La Soul Talk About Their New Project with Nike

De La Soul has partnered with Nike to bring you Are You In?, the new album from their shoe giant's series. Drops on Tuesday, ya'll.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Video: Interview w/ legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman

This dude has taken some classic snapshots of Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys and many more. 

QN5 Update: Tonedeff & Mr. SOS Webcam Interview

Tonedeff interviews Mr. SOS as we await his album How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb. Go to QN5 to pre-order the album and get all things baby blue.

Download: 6th Sense - It's Notherground Music

Yessir! The homie 6th Sense dropped the actual songs to his instrumental album It's A 6th Sense Beat, Yo!. You'll be hearing the likes of Kid Daytona, Black Element, Talib Kweli, Jelani, Wildabeast and many more. Don't sleep!

Video: Vimby Interview w/ DJ A-Trak

Nice little interview with DJ A-Trak. I remember when this dude was ripping the DJ scene up at age fifteen. Obscure Disorder anyone??

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video: Junk Science - Fire Drill

New crazy, ill video from Junk Science. It was all shot in their apartment for zero dollars. A 2dbz premiere. New album A Miraculous Kind Of Machine coming later this year. 

Video: U-N-I Love Supreme Video Blog - What Job? Ep. 2

Episode 2 from the U-N-I Love Supreme Video Blog.

Video: U-N-I Love Supreme Video Blog - Tales from Flight U-N-I Ep. 1

U-N-I telling stories from their lives. Pick up A Love Supreme.

Video: Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy - Amazing

Some beautiful shots in this video. I miss Hawaii and I have never been there.

Video: Moray McLaren - We Got Time

I'm not familiar with Moray McLaren but I like this song and the video is pretty ill.

Video: The Truth About Perez Hilton & MIss California

Jay Smooth's commentary on the scandal caused by Perez Hilton at the Miss America pageant.

Video: Kurious feat. MC Serch & DOOM - Benneton

This is some straight up 90's ish. This is off Kurious' new LP II. I have to say Kurious > Serch on this one.

Video: Doodlebug Feat. D.O.R. & Kai Chi - Back In Da Daze

I posted this because I love Digable Planets and it has shots of some of my favorite album covers. Dooblebug's new album Futuristic Sci Fi dropping this Fall.

Video: Murs - Break Up (The OJ Song)

Murs is back with another video off of his album Murs For President. This is the third part of a series. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feature: Artist Natalia Grosner

Artist Natalia Grosner took some hip hop lyrics and flipped it into some art pieces. Guess the songs they come from ya'll. Check out her interview over at Format Mag.

Video: The Real vs. Joe Budden

Coming off the last episode, the homies from The Real start a beef with Joe Budden. These dudes are funny!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Video: Trailer for Paper Heart

This is the trailer for Paper Heart, Charlene Yi's (Knocked Up) fake documentary about how she doesn't believe in love but finds love along the way. Starring Michael Cera (Superbad). Looks funny!

Video: Outasight - Rollin' Wit Me Ep. 9 (SXSW Edition)

Outasight is back with another episode. The album From Here To Eternity coming soon!

Video: Mike Jones and The Gold Chain Ecosystem

Jay Smooth is back with another insight on the bling phenomenon and the unwise decision to reinvest in such materials. 

Video: Subway Art - 25th Anniversary Edition

Subway Art was an impactful force on my childhood. It was one of the first Graffiti books I'd ever seen and still have on my shelf today. It really gave Graffiti a background for people who didn't understand it and it began the push for its legitimacy as an art. Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper reminisce about the making of the book and tell us what's in store for the anniversary edition. Classic!

Video: The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington - Take Off The Blues

The Foreign Exchange come through with another dope video for one of my favorite songs off the brilliant album Leave It All Behind.

Video: Kero One - When The Sunshine Comes

San Francisco Emcee/Producer/DJ Kero One comes through with this video from his sophomore effort Early Believers. 

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video: Rhymefest - Rhymefest vs. Big Daddy Kane

New video off of Rhymefest's latest mixtape The Manual. Fest took BDK's "Warm It Up, Kane" and flipped it into a battle. Real dope!

Video: Kooley High x Blu & Exile x M1 Platoon

Blu & Exile and M1 Platoon performed at Kooley High's Kooley Is High mixtape release party. There's also a dope documentary out about the day to day struggles of Kooley High. Google it, I promise you won't regret it. 

Video: The Real - Pushing Buddens

The homies at The Real conduct couples therapy with Joe Budden and Tahiry. Hilarity ensues!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Video: Interview with Evidence

The weatherman talks about being introduced to production by QD3, his relationship with his group members, recording technology and The Weatherman LP. Evidence's third solo effort Cats & Dogs is coming!

Bulletin: Record Store Day 4/18/09

In honor of Record Store Day I will not download any music today. Visit your local independent/mom and pop record store and buy some music to show your support. 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Classic Video: Large Professor - The Mad Scientist

Classic Video Series - I'm kicking this new Friday series with Large Professor's "The Mad Scientist". Large Pro, one of my all time favorite producers, created one of the greatest albums to never be released in The LP. With its spared drums and mid-90's sound, it was supposed to be one of the most pivotal albums to be released but it was caught up in label politics. It stayed in the vault for seven years until Large Pro regained the rights and pressed up promo-only limited-edition copies. It was worth the wait.

Video: H.I.S.D. - Summer So Good

H.I.S.D. hail from Houston and got the co-sign from ?uestlove. I'm diggin' this song and what an appropriate time to post it up.  It feels like summer! Check out their interview over at HipHopDx.

Video: Will Roush Calls Biggie For Help Ep. 2

Will Roush calls on Biggie for help. Look out for his mixtape Know My Name Vol. 1.

Video: Reflectional Eternal - Back Again

Yessir!! RE is back! A little promo video for one of their new joints. Check out the homie STAYHIGH149 in the video, just legendary. The album is coming! 

Video: Nyle - Let The Beat Build

I heard my homie Tah talk about this dude Nyle and I'm digging the video. It was all shot in one take.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Video: Fashawn feat. Evidence - Our Way

Fashawn is one of the great talents coming out of Fresno. Get his newest mixtape One Shot One Kill and keep an eye out for his debut Boy Meets World.

Video: Invincible feat. Tiombe Lockhart - Ropes

New video from Invincible off her banger Shapeshifters. She introduces the video outside of MTV Headquarters explaining they thought it was too much for their audience. Too much?? 

Video: VIMBY Interview w/ John Robinson

Interview with Scienz of Life member John Robinson. He takes us on a tour of some of the spots in NY.

Video: Kill The Record Labels Trailer

Interesting documentary about the downfall of the record labels and everything they're trying to do to stop the age of the independent artist. Out on DVD so check it out.

Video: Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics Interview

Interview with Joell Ortiz as he breaks down his upcoming mixtape Joell Ortiz Covers The Classics.

Video: Noisemakers w/ Q-Tip

A funny story about Q-Tip meeting Miles Davis.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Download: Diamond District - In The Ruff

DMV's Diamond District features Oddisee, XO and YU. You won't be disappointed with In The Ruff. I'm going to say it, this is one of the top five records of the year. 

QN5 Update: 2 Free PackFM Shows

Check out PackFM do his thing. No excuses, it's free! Also look out for tickets for this year's QN5 Megashow in August.

Video: FAITH47 - The Cape Of Good Hope

Amazing mural by South African artist FAITH47. She created this piece in the heart of Woodstock, Cape Town. I'll let the visuals speak for themselves.

Video: Blokhedz - Thinking Of A Master Plan

Gatorade has launched a new cartoon web series called Blokhedz featuring Talib Kweli and Bobbito Garcia. They'll be premiering a new episode every month. 

Video: Spork Kills - Night Of The Hip 'N Dead

This is Louis Logic's side project Spork Kills off of their Beaches Love Us EP. Vote here if you're diggin' it.

Video: True Hip-Hop Stories - Special Ed

Another edition of True Hip-Hop Stories featuring Special Ed. Remember when people thought he was missing a hand on the cover of Youngest In Charge

Video: Don't Buy Asleep In The Bread Aisle on 4/20 PSA

Clever PSA cut together with the celebrity Rock The Vote campaign. Asher Roth's Asleep In The Bread Aisle in stores 4/20.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Download: Print - Comic Books Unlimited

You must check out Print's new free album Comic Books Unlimited. The dopeness!!

Video: The Grouch & Eligh feat. Gift of Gab & Pigeon John - All In

This is the joint! Off of The Grouch and Eligh's new album Say G&E. I'm definitely scooping that up when it comes out.

Video: Wale - Artistic Integrity

I saw this while I was writing and I had to throw it up. I saw it months ago but it's still fresh from the homie Rik Cordero. Off of Wale's mixtape A Mixtape About Nothing.

Video: Karniege - Mush

I still think the Mighty Joseph project with Vast Aire was slept on. Nice one from Karniege.

Download: P.CASSO - Earthtones

P.CASSO's new mixtape Earthtones is the shiznit.

Video: Mos Def - Flowers

The Ecstatic due out June 9th. I have a good feeling about this one!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Video: Fly.Union feat. Rashad - Gold Chain

I wanted to not like this joint but it's a catchy one. The lyrics are not what you would expect. Check for Fly.Union's EP We In The House.

Audio: jr & ph7 feat. Oddisee - Fast Lane Speedin'

Oddisee's unique flow positions itself in the driver's seat over the melodic force of jr & ph7's production. One of my favorite tracks on jr & ph7's The Standard, in stores now. Dopeness!

jr & ph7 feat. Oddisee - Fast Lane Speedin'

Video: The Real - Trade In Full

I'm a big fan of these guys. Hilarious! Check 'em out at The Real.

Video: P.CASSO feat. VonPea of Tanya Morgan & Homeboy Sandman - Best In Show

Entertaining video from P.CASSO

Video: Fusion Unltd. feat. Little Brother, Nickleus F, Hall Of Fame & Skillz - The Sun

A video for "The Sun" off of Fusion Unltd.'s forthcoming album Cold Fusion LP. Feel-good music, let's go!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bulletin: A New De La Record???

Attention De La fans! Check the statement here.

Bulletin: Nicolay - Inside The Producer's Studio: Making "Daykeeper" Pt. 1

For all of you producer heads, Nicolay breaks down the creation of "Daykeeper" on his blog. Leave It All Behind in stores now.

Video: Dripping w/ KRINK

KR created his own ink and is now branded.  It's amazing what Graf can do!

Video: El Prez - Past 2 Present EPK

Bottles On The White House Lawn dropping this summer.

Video: Zion I - Geek To The Beat

Wow!  This is crazy, Alice in Wonderland type ish.  Zion I's The Takeover in stores now.

Spotted at Okayplayer.

Bulletin: ALIFE Renewal Program

ALIFE is offering a 40% discount on your next purchase, of select stock, when you trade-in your used Alife T-shirt or sweatshirt to an ALIFE flagship store across North America. Recycle your life, go green!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Video: Dujeous - Break Bread

This video is super dope!! Dujeous rocks it all day!

Video: Outasight - Rollin' Wit Me Ep. 8

Another episode from Outasight featuring Cook Classics and 6th Sense.

Notherground Music Update: NothergroundTV - March/April Recap

Another monthly recap from the homie 6th Sense. Oh, Lily Thai! Classic!

Video: Will Roush Meets Biggie Ep. 1

This is dope.  This is a skit off the Will Roush mixtape Know My Name Vol. 1 brought to life by Profesone and Skam2.  

Video: Theophilus London on Vimby

A cool piece on Theophilus London.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Video: U-N-I - Hollywood Hiatus

U-N-I release their first video off of A Love Supreme. Get the album for free here, young man!

Video: Battles feat. Joell Ortiz - Leyendecker

Rik Cordero released this unreleased video over at Channel Three/21.

Download: Jon Hope - Somekind of Wonderful

I listened to Jon Hope's new release on the iron horse and it really is an incredible record. You can tell Jon worked to the very last detail to make this piece as perfect as possible. Props to Jon Hope and IllRoots.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Video: John Forte - Style Free

It looks like Forte is wasting no time getting it in.  Nice little joint.  

Video: The Hamilton Spade Beat Fiasco

Willie Evans Jr. and Therapy of The AB's put their two cents in the situation by chopping up the Black Spade evidence video. Props!

Video: Skillz presents Hip Hop Confessions Ep. 1

Bringing honesty back to Hip Hop. SMH @ Rick Geez for not knowing Shock and Humpty are the same person.

Spotted @ Okayplayer

QN5 Update: The Signing of Kokayi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New York City Independent hip hop label, QN5 Music, has signed Washington, DC’s Grammy-nominated emcee/singer/producer, Kokayi, to its official stable of innovative artists and producers.

Read the rest at QN5.

Video: Eminem - We Made You


Slim Shady is back! Relapse is coming!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lost Art: Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock

I created the Lost Art series to celebrate and acknowledge the art of album covers. I remember getting lost in album covers because it gave me an idea of the world I was about to hear. I thought I would set it off with the record that made me fall in love with Hip Hop, Afrika Bambaataa & Soulsonic Force's "Planet Rock".