Thursday, December 31, 2009

Download: Reflection Eternal - The RE:Union

Here's the new mixtape from RE. It includes some exclusives, classics and joints from the new album. Enjoy and happy new year! Revolutions Per Minute drops in February.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Video: Jay Electronica - Exhibit C (Audiograph Memorial For Michael Jackson)

I made this because i have loved Michael Jackson all of my life. All of my memories from about 5 years old or so (which is about as far back as i remember with some ease) can be tied to or associated with or landmarked by some musical contribution of Michael Jackson at that time. From then, all the way to now. He is a dark fingerprint on a very large part of who I am and who most of the people I know personally are. And thats why i posted this picture along with this song. The response to this song is amazing, and overwhelming and i appreciate all of the love and support it is recieving from everywhere. And i dedicate all of this positive energy toward a Great Hero of mine (although not perfect) who has performed many miracles in his physical life and who has and will be for many moons continue to be a glowing light in the dark for those who see something better inside of themselves and have the will and desire to pursue it. Evolution. May our good works be recorded and duplicated, and may our sins be recorded and forgiven. Amen - Jay Electronica

Art: Kristy Anne Ligones Family Guy Portraits

Artist Kristy Anne Ligones re-created the greatest family on television with striking realism. Very cool! You can check more at Format.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Video: Public Enemy @ RE*Generation Benefit

Virgin Mobile's charity arm RE*Generation held a benefit celebrating the three year anniversary of National Homeless Awareness Month. They enlisted the duties of Public Enemy as they rocked on a flat-bed truck then took the show to George Washington University's Lisner Auditorium.

Video: Rappin' With The Rickster DVD Promo

The legendary Ricky Powell runs into some other legends like Dante Ross and STAYHIGH149 as he's being interviewed for his upcoming Rappin' With The Rickster DVD. He also shows some classic footage with Eazy-E. So dope! I loved this show!

Video: Copywrite - Stop

Copy is back with a new joint off his Ultrasound: The Rebirth EP.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Video: In Defense Of Humbug

Jay Smooth defends those who are not in the holiday spirit, for whatever reason.

Video: Chris Faust Presents TheSessions Pt. 5

Chris Faust (formerly Print) gives us an inside look to his new forthcoming project FAUST.

Video: Date Night Trailer

A good cast with hopefully a funny and good premise.

Download: Charles Hamilton - Normalcy

I typically don't post anything until I hear it first but I thought this might interest those who have been following the Charles debacle. This is his anticipated project after disappearing for awhile. Enjoy!


Video: Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Rock

Am I late on this one? Oh, well. This is the joint though! Malice In Wonderland is out now.

Video: A Million In The Morning Trailer

This is a new documentary from director Jason Goldwatch about trying to break the Guiness world record for 123 hours of movie watching without going to sleep. Looks like a funny one! Also, word is Jay Electronica did the title track for the film and we should be hearing and seeing visuals for that shortly.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Video: 8thW1 & 2 Hungry Bros Present No Room For Dessert

Here's a funny, wacky freestyle by 8thW1 promoting his upcoming project with 2 Hungry Bros on production. Bugged!

Video: Michael Jackson - This Is It

Directed by Spike Lee.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Video: LTD Presents Conversations w/ Just Blaze

LTD sat down with Just at the historic Baseline Studios to discuss the history of the studio and his time spent there before it shuts down.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Audio: Reflection Eternal feat. Jay Electronica, J. Cole & Mos Def - Just Begun

Woweee, this is a crazy track! I just remember holding that "Fortified Live" b/w "2000 Seasons" vinyl in my hand, peeling off the plastic and putting the needle down. What came out of the speakers was amazing. The combo of Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek is consistently lethal. Reflection Eternal's follow-up Revolutions Per Minute drops in February.

Video: A Notherground Christmas

Get your Christmas hat and do the Christmas clap! 6th and his boys OD on McDees and booze to bring you holiday cheer.

Video: Joell Ortiz Gives Back To El Puente Academy

Joell gives back to his hood in Williamsburg. Definitely good to see. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Video: PMTV Interview w/ Brother Ali & Evidence

PMTV caught up with Ali and Ev on the Fresh Air Tour to talk about the important trinity of being an artist and balancing creative outlets. Us is out right now and Cats & Dogs is coming!

Video: Mos Def feat. Talib Kweli - History (Preview)

Here's a preview of the upcoming video. Definitely amped for this. The Ecstatic is one of my top ten of the year, easy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Video: Macklemore - The Town

This song is so feel-good fresh! I'm really impressed with Mackle's talent. He's dope and definitely one to watch for in this beautiful music we call Hip Hop. This song is off The Unplanned Mixtape, which is out now. He also just released an EP with Ryan Lewis titled VS.

Video: @superfunparty Interview w/ Keys N Krates

These dudes are so dope! Caught them live twice this past summer and it was nothing but freshness. Listen up!

Video: Closed Session w/ Tanya Morgan

Ruby Hornet gives us another edition of Closed Session with Brooklynati's own Tanya Morgan. TM record a song called "Posted". Check it!

Video: Kidz In The Hall - We Gone

Here's the new vid from the Kidz off their recent freelease The Professional Leisure Tour.

Video: Homeboy Sandman - Not Pop (Artist Profile)

This is dope! Homeboy Sandman gets an artist profile via photographer TONE.

Video: The Revival Documentary

Detroit emcee Invincible makes her directorial debut with this short-doc about the We-B Girlz Tour featuring Roxanne Shante, Stacey Epps, Bahamadia, Eternia and Shortee. You really get a sense of their struggles and the support they find in each other. Dope piece!!

Video: A Black Milk 2010 Preview

Step inside the studio with Black Milk as he preps for a big 2010. He has three projects dropping next year, including Random Axe with Guilty Simpson & Sean Price, Searching For Sanity with singer Melanie Rutherford and his next solo project Album Of The Year. Phew, it's going to be hard hitting in 2010.

Video: Ski Beatz feat. Tabi Bonney, Nicole Wray, Ras Kass & Stalley - I Got Mine (Behind The Scenes)

Here's another inside look to the making of a track with Ski Beatz. I like the energy being created out of that DD172 space.

Video: The Karate Kid Trailer

Damn, Hollywood really can't come up with anything new. Will Smith's kid is in this along with Jackie Chan.

Video: Stewie Griffin Does Letterman's Top Ten List

Funny stuff! The sequel to the Family Guy Star Wars episode Something Something Something Darkside is out on DVD today.

Video: Redman Speaks on Big Pun, Big L, 2Pac & Jay-Z

Here's a clip from the Big Pun documentary dropping February 7th. Redman also speaks on the track he did with Eminem on the beat featuring Big L and Big Pun.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Video: Theophilus London - This Charming Documentary

This is a little documentary about the making of Theophilus' This Charming Mixtape. He spits some fire in there too. Get to know a brother.

Video: U-N-I & Ro Blvd. - The Documentary (Teaser) & Supreme 2.0 (MP3)

Here's a teaser for the upcoming documentary plus the first leak, "Supreme 2.0" (link below), from their upcoming sequel A Love Supreme 2.0, dropping in February.


Video: ArtOfficial & QuESt Jam Session

A little soul from the brothers ArtOfficial and QuESt. ArtOfficial has a new project coming in March called The Payback.

Video: Beatnik & K-Salaam feat. Bun B, 88-Keys & Colin Munroe - Don't Die

It took a minute for this video to come out but it's finally here. This is off the Beatnik & K-Salaam project Where The Streets Have No Name.

Video: Ski Beatz & Mos Def - Taxi (Behind The Scenes)

Some footage from Creative Control of Mos and Ski working on a track. I guess this is going to be on Ski's upcoming project.

Video: Hezekiah - People Say

Video: Jay-Z feat. Mr. Hudson - Young Forever

Here's the new vid from Jay's Blueprint 3. I would've picked so many other songs to be the next but oh well.

Video: Slum Village - Da Night

This is the new vid off Slum's Villa Manifesto EP, which is out now and is fire! Also, look for the re-release of Fantastic Vol. 2.10 on January 12th.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Video: PUNA Interview w/ Sean Price

Sean P. talks about reflecting on his life after Random Axe and Mic Tyson drop, ignorance at its finest and not appreciating his family as much as he should.

Video: Ras Kass - Thank You

A new vid off Ras' Quarterly mixtape.

Video: Dumbfoundead - Spit Or Get Kicked

Dumbfoundead straight knocked a dude's head off in a battle...literally.

Video: The Revival Trailer (We B Girlz European Tour)

This is the trailer for the upcoming documentary, dropping very soon. It features dope emcees like Invincible, Bahamadia, Eternia, the legendary Roxanne Shante and many more. This is actually Invincible's directorial debut. Peep game!

Video: Media Gasface - The Belly Of The Beat (A1 Records)

Media Gasface visits the historic A1 Records in NYC. For all vinyl heads.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Video: DJ Semtex Interview w/ Mos Def Pt. 3

Mos Def talks about his role on the next Gorillaz project. Dope!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Video: Jon Hope feat. Taktix - Better

Jon Hope comes through with a video for one of my favorite tracks off his latest offering Somekind Of Wonderful. So fresh!

Video: Mos Def MJ Tribute In London

This is dope!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Video: Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy - Hard


Video: Sha Stimuli - Change

Restless Films and Nah Right come back with another one in their One Shot series. This is really dope! My Soul To Keep is out now.

Video: The Next 48 Hours w/ Wale Pt. 2

I can't imagine the frustration of working for something and have it messed up by people outside of you. No bueno! Attention: Deficit is out now!

Video: Iron Man 2 Trailer

Video: Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

This looks silly and funny as hell. The warehouse guy from The Office is in this film.

Video: Nardwuar Interviews Kid Cudi

You can't front on Nardwuar, dude does his research. Man On The Moon: End Of Day is out now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Video: Erykah Badu Levitates

Erykah Badu previews her new album New Amerykah Part 2: Return Of The Ankh at DD172 and gets a tour of the space.

Video: D2S Interview w/ The Grouch, Mistah FAB, Fashawn & Exile

D2S catches up with these dudes on the 'How The Grouch Stole Christmas Tour'.

Video: Alicia Keys & Stephen Colbert - Empire State Of Mind (Unofficial Remix)

Stephen Colbert got down on the mic. He's a fool! Hilarious! The Element Of Freedom is out now.

Video: Alice In Wonderland Trailer

This looks crazy!! Tim Burton is nutso...and talented.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Video: The Come Up Show Interview w/ J. Cole

The Come Up Show sat down with J. Cole on the up north leg of the BP3 tour. Cole breaks down his first meeting with Jay-Z, his journey, getting a beat machine from his mom and much more. If you still don't have The Warm Up...ummm, die! I kid, I kid! But seriously, get it.

Video: One Block Radius - Broke Ass Holiday

It's good to see One Block Radius are still doing it. I remember interviewing them just before their album Long Story Short came out a few years back. Something dope and different for your broke ass holiday. Their current self-titled album is out now.

Download: Outasight - Further

If you missed the great listening party for Outasight's Further at the Gallery Bar last night then you missed out on some incredible music. Fortunately for you, it's available to everyone now. In talking to 6th Sense (he handled most of the production), he felt really good about this project and its potential. After hearing it last night and then again this morning on the iron horse, it truly is a great record. The variety that exists in this project is nothing short of dope. Every song has its own legs and keeps you on your toes. Some feel good music for this holiday season. Great job fellas!


Download: Joell Ortiz & Frequency - Road Kill

This is turning into some Tuesday. Good music galore and there's some more to come. Joell recorded this while on the road with Slaughterhouse.


Download: Eternia - Get Caught Up

Eternia (one of my favorites) has released a super dope tape presented by 2DB & Kevin Nottingham. This is a special gift to all those who've supported her and her journey. E explains:

These are not ‘pop’ songs. These are not video singles. These are not Top 10 hits. This is the heart and soul of why I do what I do when I do it. This is a personal offering.It’s my huge THANK YOU to all of the people who have supported the Eternia & MoSS: “ROAD TO RELEASE” video episodes online over the last 6 months. I hand-picked these songs from the past decade, b/c I felt they are overlooked, they are the most personal to my life, and they reveal my growth as an artist.

To those that this mix was made for: ENJOY.


Do yourself a favor and get caught up with some good music.


Download: The Low Budget Crew - Low Budget Christmas EP

Nothing like a little soul for the holidays. The Low Budget Crew (Kev Brown, Roddy Rod & Kaimbr) put together some tasty beats out of Christmas records. So sit back and enjoy this holiday treat. Props to Kevin Nottingham.


Video: The Foreign Exchange On Their Grammy Nod

Congratulations to Phonte, Nicolay and everyone involved with The Foreign Exchange. Take this one home fellas! Leave It All Behind is out now and is truly an incredible record.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Video: I.B.E. feat. Toki Wright - Make The Road By Walkin'

I'm really digging this track. I.B.E.'s mixtape The Feel is out now.

Video: Joell Ortiz & Frequency Present RoadKill Mixtape Promo

Frequency and Joell Ortiz are releasing a mixtape tomorrow called Roadkill. It was recorded while on the Slaughterhouse tour.

Video: DJ Semtex Interview w/ Mos Def (Pt. 2)

Here's part two of the interview with Mos as they talk about the best of 2009 (albums, films, moments, etc.).

Video: Top $ Raz - DEAD!

I'm not sure what a Top $ Raz is but this song is real cool. Nice vid too. Raz' album Spilled Milk is out now.

Video: Mike Posner - Drug Dealer Girl


Friday, December 11, 2009

Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Otherside

This is really dope! This is a first for me, a song about the effects of syrup, the not good kind. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis perform the cut live with an orchestra on Audioasis. Their free EP titled VS. drops on December 15th.

Video: DJ Semtex Interview w/ Mos Def (Pt. 1)

Mos stopped by to chat it up with Semtex in London. He talks The Ecstatic, his acting career, Slick Rick and much more.

Video: Children Of The Night - Rumpus

This is a very simple track with lyrics galore. COTN is dropping their mixtape Where The Wild Things Are next week.

Download: Elzhi - The Leftovers Unmixedtape

One of the best in the game releases a raw and uncut tape featuring some of his best work. Don't sleep! Study up!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Video: Ruby Hornet Interview w/ Brother Ali

DJ RTC sits down with Ali to talk about his relationship to fans, his beginning struggles and much more. Us is out now.

Video: Emilio Rojas feat. DVS - Tic Toc

Here's the new vid off Emilio's latest mixtape The Natural. One of my favorite joints and a great video.

Video: Blitz The Ambassador Talks Live Sessions

Blitz talks briefly about the recording process of MTVu's Live Sessions. Be on the look out for the EP and the airing of the show on MTVu. I'm really excited to check this out. Also, here's a treat from the sessions, "Dying To Live", for your listening/downloading pleasure.


Video: SoulCulture Interview w/ Souls Of Mischief

Souls Of Mischief discuss the criteria for the greatest emcees of all time. Montezuma's Revenge is out now.

Video: Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning

The Bridge is out now.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Video: Lupe Fiasco - Solar Midnite

A rock-influenced cut from Lupe off the New Moon soundtrack.

Audio: Eternia - Foul Child (Prod. by Ant B)

This is a new track from Eternia's upcoming mixtape Get Caught Up, which drops December 15th and is presented by 2DB and Kevin Nottingham. Don't front, you know she's gotchu open!

Video: Off The Wall Sessions Ep. 7 - Tiron

The latest from Homebase and Hot Mop Films.

Video: The Story Of Outasight

Drebond Production had the opportunity to follow the journey of Asylum/Warner Music artist Outasight. His free project Further drops December 15th.

Video: The Black Keys feat. Mos Def & Jim Jones - Ain't Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) Live On Letterman

This is one of my favorite cuts from the album Blakroc, which is out now.

Video: Mos Def - Supermagic

One of my albums of the year. The Ecstatic is in stores now.

Video: Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Bossasaurus Remix)

The Oakland based duo take a crack Aesop's track, off their upcoming mixtape S.T.F.U.Y.M.C.A.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Video: Skillz Presents Hip Hop Confessions - Richmond, VA Chronicles (Ep. 3)

Skillz sits down with Big Nat, Nickleus F and Danja Mowf to reveal their secrets. Funny!!

Video: Louwop feat. Shad & Zaki Ibrahim - One Two Check/Get Up

This is pretty dope! Very simple, complete with acoustic guitar and bongo drums. Check Lou's album The Great Escape, which is out now. Props to OKP.

Video: Kid Cudi feat. MGMT & RATATAT - Pursuit Of Happiness

Here's the new vid off Man On The Moon: The End Of Day. You know, I'm a fan of dude but I've only listened to this album once. I didn't get it *shrug*. Maybe it's one of those you get ten years later.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Video: Splash Mag Interview w/ Talib Kweli

Splash! catches up with Kweli where he talks about Black Star, the Splash! Fest and how Mos Def asked him to re-record his verse for "History" because Mos didn't want any cursing.

Video: 9th Wonder & Murs - The Fornever Movie Pt. 2

The adventures of 9th Wonder & Murs continues as they lounge in the studio, clown each other and we get to hear a remix of Common's "I Used To Love Her" off the new record Fornever.

Video: Distortion To Static Interview w/ Alchemist

Video: Rhymefest - Give It To Me

Rhymefest announces the winner of the "Give It To Me" contest, then you can check out the original video for the song. Fest says they will shoot a new video with Saigon and the winner (press play to see who that is). El Che drops in 2010.

Video: Idle Warship - Bedroom Lites

Party Robot is out now.

Video: VIMBY Interview w/ People Under The Stairs

Friday, December 4, 2009

Video: FALKO1 - Splitpiece

Capetown artist FALKO1 created four different pieces in four different areas and combined them digitally to create one piece. Pretty dope! Check it out!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Video: Russia Today Interview w/ Immortal Technique

Immortal breaks down democracies, his charity work in Afghanistan and how to truly get fundamental change.

Video: Off The Wall Sessions Ep. 6 - Exile

Here's another edition of the Off The Wall Sessions featuring Exile. Radio is out now. In fact, get the whole catalog: The Waiting Room, Dirty Science, Below The Heavens, Boy Meets World, etc.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Video: Brother Ali - The Preacher & Fresh Air (Live On 89.3 The Current)

One of the best! Us is out right now. One of my favorite albums for '09.

Video: RH TV - Who Is Bobbito Garcia?

Ruby Hornet sat down with the Hip Hop icon as he breaks down his resume, reflects on moments on the Stretch & Bobbito Show, why he doesn't have a cellphone and much more.

Video: PostSecret - Confessions On Life, Death & God

Video: D.Black - Yesterday

Something thoughtful.

Video: Souls Of Mischief - Proper Aim

It's been ten years since Souls Of Mischief has blessed us with a long-player for our sonic enjoyment. Well, the wait is over. They have joined forces with Prince Paul, who mans the production, on their latest offering Montezuma's Revenge, which is out today. The first official video is for the single "Proper Aim" and it shows artist Steven Lopez creating the album cover, which by the way, is one of the illest I've seen in awhile. Cop it!

Video: Travis McCoy - One At A Time

In honor of World Aids Day, Travis McCoy and MTV have teamed up to release this new song with all of the proceeds going to HIV/AIDS research through the Staying Alive Foundation. You can also catch the documentation of his trip to Africa, India and the Phillippines on The Unbeaten Track tonight at 9pm on MTV. Support!

Video: Outasight - Rollin Wit Me Ep. 12 (L.A. Edition Pt. 3)

In preparation for his upcoming free project, Outasight takes us on a ride to L.A. where he builds with Richard Rudolph and hits the studio with Cook Classics. Further drops December 15th.

Video: XO - Do It

This is the first single from XO's upcoming project One One Ten. This video was shot in Atlanta in what's left of the first Cotton Mill.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Video: The Kid Daytona feat. Kardinal Offishall - Contact!

The Kid Daytona is back with another vid off his fresh album Come Fly With Me. This video is slick!

Video: Beyond Belief - U Don't Know Me

I'm feeling the honesty in this. Looking forward to hearing more.

Video: On The Street Level w/ Dame Dash & Creative Control

Street Level catches up with Dame Dash and Creative Control as they talk about DD172, The Blakroc Project, Creative Control and the ways of "wack world". Dame is really developing a movement. The Blakroc Project is out now.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Video: Media Gasface Interview w/ Thirstin Howl III

Media Gasface catches up with legendary emcee Thirstin Howl III as he works in the studio with Sadat X and talks about the significance of his tattoos.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video: Dame Dash Presents The Blakroc Project - Raekwon

One of my favorite things is to watch the process of an artist and that's why I love these Blakroc webisodes. The Blakroc Project is out now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Video: DJ Dbefekt feat. Termanology & Reks - Raised On Classics

This is super dope! Beautiful track! Term and Reks lend some vocals to Czech Republic producer DJ Dbefekt's album R-Evolution.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Video: Red Bull BC One Championships Recap

The BC One Championships went down in New York and Lilou came out victorious but not without a battle from Cloud. Both are sick with it. Check the recap.

Download: Lupe Fiasco - Enemy Of The State: A Love Story

Lupe has dropped off a gift for us so give thanks. A little warm up before We Are Lasers drops. Props to Shake on the artwork.

Video: Black Star - History (Live On Jimmy Fallon)

Black Star re-unite on Jimmy Fallon and rock "History" off Mos Def's The Ecstatic. Dope! Via Yardie.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Slaughterhouse BBQ Etiquette

How did I miss this?? Funny ish!

Classic Video: Living Legends - NowYouNo

A classic was liberated by Culture King off a VHS tape. Nice one! Living Legends are one of the most creative crews in Hip Hop, even back then. They are always ahead. Think about the foundation they've built. Longevity friends. #1 status for me!

Video: Felt - Felt Chewed Up

Here's some more Felt for you. Here's the first video off Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez.

Video: Have Yourself A Felt Thanksgiving

Slug, Murs and Aesop pay a little visit and bless Bobby, Dick and Susan with Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez, which is out now. Hilarious!

Download: Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) - Electric Purgatory Pt. 1

Blueprint and Illogic are back with a dope EP. Greenhouse is in full effect! Cop Electric Purgatory Pt. 1 below.


Download: Mick Boogie & Terry Urban Present Le Da Soul (20 Years Of De La Soul)

Mick Boogie and Terry Urban are back at it again. These dudes just put in work and create some incredible collections. This is no different as they salute one of the greatest groups in Hip Hop history. The tape features Tanya Morgan, Phife, Homeboy Sandman, Talib Kweli and much more. So cop it below.


Video: Greenberg Trailer

From the director of The Squid And The Whale comes this dramedy starring Ben Stiller. Looks like a good one.

Video: Family Guy Presents Something Something Something Darkside

The folks from Family Guy decided to continue the "Star Wars" saga. You can catch the latest episode on December 22nd on Itunes. For now, check the trailer. Funny ish!

Video: Nola Darling - Step To Me

The darlings of the AOK Collective drop their first video and it's a good one. Be on the look out for their upcoming EP A Rude Gal's Guide To....

Video: David Dallas - Big Time

I'm digging this video and song. I did some googling and found out David Dallas is from New Zealand. It's nice to see some international dopeness every once in awhile. David's album Something Awesome is out now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video: The Blakroc Project Trailer

Once again, The Blakroc Project drops on Friday. Check the trailer.

Video: The Wu-Massacre Trailer Pt. 3

Here's the final trailer for the upcoming Method Man x Raekwon x Ghostface Killah album. Directed by Rik Cordero.

Video: MTVu House Band Trailer feat. Blitz The Ambassador

Blitz rolled into Robert Honablue's studios in Brooklyn to record some music with a suped up version of his Embassy Ensemble, including some guests like John Forte. Footage of the recordings will be released over the next few weeks. Oh yea, Blitz's dope album Stereotype is out now.

Video: Ski feat. Mos Def - Taxi Preview

Dame has really created something with his DD172 space. Really dope! Don't forget, The Blakroc Project drops this Friday.

Video: KRS-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills

Here's the new vid from KRS and Buck. The best is when they're doing it up Tron style. Survival Skills is out now.

Video: Kurious - Wake Up

Here's the latest from Kurious. II is out now.

Video: J.J. Brown Connect The Dots Release Party

Here's a recap of the release party for J.J. Brown's Connect The Dots, which is out now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Video: Amoeba Music x Large Professor - What's In My Bag?

Large Pro breaks down his relationship with Paul C and digging.

Video: Edison - Tonka Truck

This is incredibly dope! Edison's album All The Information At Hand drops in January.

Peep the explanation:
all one shot sounds...
no loops running....
64 buttons
64 noises....
shot on 2 HD cameras, 720p, 1 live take.....
with audio captured right to camera.....

Video: You've Lost That Beefing Feeling

Jay Smooth weighs in on the Beanie Siegel/Jay-Z/50 Cent "beef".

Video: Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind (American Music Awards)

The homie A-rod came out to introduce them.

Video: VIMBY Interview w/ Slaughterhouse

Video: Lilly Allen - Who'd Have Known

Great video! Lilly Allen's It's Not Me It's You is out now.

Video: Wyclef Jean - Born A Shotta

Another visual off Wyclef's From The Hut, To The Projects, To The Mansion.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Video: Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs For President Obama

The In The Heights creator performs "Alexander Hamilton" for the Pres. Really great to see. In The Heights is one of the best broadway musicals ever.